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    Acronym/Lingo Guide


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    Acronym/Lingo Guide

    Post by Virgil on 2014-09-16, 05:15

    I'm going to avoid obvious terms like "tower" or "gate".

    Fleet Roles
    FC - Fleet Commander
    VVV - DPS anchor. Keep at range 5000m. Also the pseudo-official secondary DDD
    AAA - Logi/Sniper Anchor. Also usually the meat shield. Logi orbit at 10km, Sniper keep at range (???)km
    DDD - Drone bunny. Generally a T3, and usually a Loki at that. Assign light drones to them.
    Meat Shield - A high EHP ship that takes a TCRC before the rest of the field to pull aggro and check for preload. Usually the AAA.
    MTAC - Responsible for hauling the MTAC in a TCRC. Nearly always a Machariel with a tractor beam, rarely a nightmare or vindi with a tractor beam.
    Leeroy - Not really a role, and not something to aspire to. Someone who takes a gate before being told to. Dont leeroy a gate.

    Site Terms

    TPPH - True Power Provisional Headquarters
    TCRC - True Creation Research Center
    NRF - Nation Rebirth Facility
    Preload - A TCRC that has already had all of its ships spawn. Clear comms for a bit after getting into one.

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