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    Site Guide

    Post by Virgil on 2014-09-16, 05:16

    True Power Provisional Headquarters
    Lowest danger. First two gates are always green, check on the third.

    First room - Turn left and burn to the out gate. Shoot the two Augas then the Outuni, then follow tags.

    Second room - Burn to the out gate. Shoot tags.

    Third room - Follow anchors and shoot tags. Three waves. On the third wave, shoot the three Arnons then the two Outunis before anything else. Once all ships are down, move to optimal range on tower and shoot until it blows. This is the only afk part of incursions and acts as a built in bio break.

    Nation Rebirth Facility
    Moderate danger. Always check gate status.

    There are three waves, plus the initial group in this room; a new wave spawns once all ships from the previous wave are destroyed. DPS will burn to their anchor during the initial wave, then near the end of the first additional spawn they will burn one cycle. About halfway through the second wave (the Mara wave) DPS will burn 2 cycles. The third and final wave has Outunis that are primary.

    True Creation Research Center
    Highest danger. Preferred site.

    This site is complicated as a whole, but simple for each respective role. The anchor/meat shield will take the gate first to determine if site is preloaded. Only take gate when fc tells you to. Once in, slowboat to the tower and shoot the Outunis. Once they're down, burn to optimal on the tower, shooting tags along the way. Once in range and usually on fc's orders shoot the tower. Once the tower drops the site is technically over. However, all Augas and Schmaells must be killed before leaving. FC will tell you to align to a site. Align ONLY. Once the scrambling ships are off grid, the FC will instructs you to warp out.

    Some special things about this site. The ships in the site respawn, so killing the scrams before the tower is down shouldn't be done. Sometimes you may notice the tower fully repairing itself. This is caused by a failure by the MTAC. The MTAC's job is to haul an item from one spot to another withing the site; if this is not done promptly, the tower reps.

    The Kundalini Manifest
    Site spawns sometime after influence is dropped. This is the mothership site and once it is cleared, the incursion ends. Not run by WTM.

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