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    Things To Know


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    Things To Know

    Post by Virgil on 2014-09-16, 15:32

    • DPS shoots number tags in order. X,Y, and Z count as 10,11, and 12.
    • Snipers shoot letters in order.
    • If the first target is out of range, make sure you're with your anchor, then shoot the next tag in range.
    • If there are no targets for you're ship, shoot the other groups tags in order.
    • DPS should have velocity on their overview to make spreading webs easier. Call webs to help further.
    • Don't call for shield or cap unless its an absolute emergency. Broadcast on time, trust your logi.
    • Pay into the SRP whenever you run.
    • Broadcast when yellow boxed, don't wait for red-box. When targets go back to yellow box, broadcast "in-position".
    • When targeted by the Outunis, broadcast for shield, wait for two seconds, then broadcast for cap.
    • DPS keep VVV at range 5km
    • Sniper keep AAA at range 7.5km

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