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    Mission Running Guide


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    Mission Running Guide

    Post by Virgil on 2015-04-25, 16:51

    Running missions involves talking to an NPC agent in a station, then completing the objective and returning to the agent to turn in the mission. You’re rewarded with ISK, Standings with the faction the agent represents, and LP (loyalty points) which can be redeemed in the Loyalty Store at any station owned by that faction.

    Picking a Faction: Picking a faction isn’t terribly difficult or important. Run missions for one faction so you can get higher standings and access to higher level missions. Most LP stores are identical for all faction in an Empire. So Fed Navy will have the same items in their LP store as Fed Intel as they are both Gallente factions. Note that LP does not transfer between factions. If you are running missions to get perfect refine (which requires an effective standing of 6.67) choose whatever faction exists in the area you mine in, or simply pick a faction with a large amount of stations.

    Picking an Agent: To find an agent, use the agent finder accessory accessible in the Neocom. Pick the faction you’ve decided on and change the mission type to security. Never run non-security missions unless there is no other choice. The rewards are not worth it. Find the highest level agent you can use and go there. L1 missions require a standing higher than -2, then L2, L3, L4, and L5 take an effective standing of 1,3,5,7 respectively

    Accepting Missions: The only real rule here is never accept Empire missions. That is, never accept missions where the enemy is the Gallente, Amarr, Minmatar, or Caldari. These missions will destroy your standings with the empires, and you will eventually not be able to enter certain parts of space.

    Running Missions: There are two ways to run a mission. Blitz and non-blitz. Non blitz should only be done if you are running L4 missions with a dedicated salvager, and then only if you are running missions for money. Non-blitz is simply destroying absolutely everything in the mission. Simple. If you aren’t running L4 with a salvager for money, blitz the mission. Blitzing is doing the bare minimum required to complete the mission. This means you are completing missions faster, getting more reward money, standing, and LP, faster. To determine how to blitz a mission. Use . Not all missions can be blitzed.

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