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    Intro to raiding c1-c3 wormholes


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    Intro to raiding c1-c3 wormholes

    Post by Virgil on 2015-04-25, 16:56

    This guide will only cover running class 1, 2, and 3 wormholes.

    Wormhole difficulty, and therefore profitability, are split into 6 classes, 1-6 (often abbreviated c1,c2, etc). Class 1 and 2 wormhole sites are easily soloable in something like a Myrmidon, while c3 sites are really only solo’d in t3s. The class of wormhole can be found by using a site like Or just google the system name.

    Some quick facts:
    Wormholes are dangerous! The same rules of null sec exist here, but none of the protection of territories and relatively empty systems, plus strong rats

    Wormhole rats are strong. Don’t expect to chase off asteroid rats in a c3 with you hobs.

    WH rats love drones. Be good at drone management, and bring extras.

    WH rats deal omni damage, so get high resists across the board.

    WH rats are omni-tanked, so use whatever damage type you like.

    WH rats web/scram and in c3s they’ll neut. It’s not that strong, but if you can passive tank, might as well.

    Data/Relic sites are more difficult than the combat sites. Don’t think you can run the sites without clearing them first.

    Local chat in WH Space works like alliance chat. No one appears on it unless they say something. That means never speak in local, and don’t think you can use local to see if anyone’s in system.

    Asteroid belts and combat sites appear as anomalies. Data/relic sites, gas sites, and wormholes are signatures and have to be scanned down.


    Always be spamming d-scan.

    You can’t take a battleship into a c1, it won’t fit. On that note, never hop into a wormhole that’s close to collapse either because mass or time. See the link below for more info.

    Really, keeping the above in mind, wormhole sites are not any different than any other combat sites in low/null. Open up eve-survival, kill e-war first, then frigates-> cruisers-> battleships, and always kill the triggers last. Any ship that pops up on d-scan is probably trying to kill you. Cloaky t3s are always a threat. You may see a capital or two as well. Run to your safe spot, or just leave the wormhole when it gets hot.

    To greatly increase your chances of not dying, read this guide: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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