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    Ship Guide


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    Ship Guide

    Post by Virgil on 2014-10-06, 05:17

    I'll just be covering the ships seen in HQ sites and using the shortened names. Look elsewhere for more details/lore. Ships are listed roughly order of what to shoot first, within each class.


    Outuni - Devastasting energy neutralizers, also scram and webs. Seen in all three sites. Usually highest priority.
    Deltole - Moderate energy neutralizers. Also scrams and target paints.
    Intaki - Remote reps, usually killed early on
    Ostingele (Osti) - Generally DPS fodder
    Yulai - Generally sniper fodder.


    Arnon - Can jam multiple ships. Kill immediately.
    Vylade - Boosting ship. Generally killed early on.
    Mara - Remote repping ships. Usually killed early on, and usually by snipers
    Antem - Cannon fodder
    Auga - Scrams and webs
    Romi - Cannon fodder.

    Frigate - Frigates are usually only killed by the DDD. If you are DDD, kill the Niarja first, then use the acronym moNSTER to remember the order.

    Niarja - Jams and energy neuts. Kill immediately.
    Schmaeel - Scram and webs.  
    Tama - High alpha stealth bomber
    Eyster - Cannon fodder
    Renyn - Webs. Cannon fodder

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